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Our team Mural Drone is participating in Garage48 Foundation ! It’s Garage48 Hardware and Arts event in Tartu. We are basically trying to build flying spraying can what has endless options! Check it out, cross your fingers and follow our development from here:http://lnkd.in/bcnGpgR


Highlights of my travels in 2013

2013 is almost over and it’s time to review this year. Some of my achievements during traveling this year:

  • 6 new countries visited in 2013 : China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Portugal, Thailand, Vietnam
  • All in all I’ve been to 10 countries this year
  • Backpacking alone first time in my life
  • Couchsurfing first time in my life
  • Learning basics of Mandarin
  • Childhood dream about living in China – check!
  • Seeing PANDAS in China in Bifengxia and Chengdu – check!
  • Open-water diving certification – check!
  • New hobbies found this year: diving, yoga, orienteering
  • Volunteering as English teacher in China – check!
  • Meeting many awesome people – oh yes, definitely check!
  • Jumping with kite – check!
  • Walking on “walk of faith” (glass pavement on 4690ft/1,429km) –check!
  • Diving in caves and going on a surface from the underwater caves – check!
  • Enjoying Copenhagen’s street festival Distortion with my best friend – check!
  • Internship in China – check! Internship exam – check!
  • Rock climbing – check!

And that’s not it.. I could write so many more things to this list!

Well I must admit this year seems to be once again the best year I’ve had so far!  Let’s see if it’s possible to beat it next year 😉

And now a small review about my favorite travel destinations this year:

1) China!!! – July-October 2013

Nothing can beat China! So far the very best country for traveling! Full of adventures, unexpectable situations, mysterious culture and wonders.

Chinese people are sincere, they are not after your money (like vietnamese) and it’s just incredible how helpful and friendly they are. Besides that it’s easy to travel in China once you know your way around there, it’s also cheap and seems like there are so many amazing places that you could travel there forever. Oh and of course food!!! Delicious! And the best of China are definitely PANDAS! (L)

2) Hong Kong – October 2013

Hong Kong has it all and a bit more <- that’s damn true. Skyscrapers, fancy shops and clubs, cool architecture, delicious food, fishing villages, mountains, beaches and much more. It’s full of diversity! I really enjoyed seeing how west and east meet in Hong Kong, really an amazing place!

3) Vietnam – October-November 2013

Vietnam is definitely the most touristic country where I’ve ever been but nevertheless it’s a wonderful country with a long coastline, jungles, mountains, rice fields and wonderful food. It’s a total paradise for backpackers thanks to cheap prices. My favorite places in Vietnam were probably Halong Bay, Mui Ne and kitesurfing, Nha Trang with crazy nightlife and diving. But unfortunately I have to admit that this country could never be my favorite place in Asia because of the locals. It’s so true that it’s full of locals who want to sell you stuff absolutely everywhere and they are mainly friendly only if you buy something from them.

4) Thailand – November 2013

Yet another Asian country full of tourists. Once again cheap and easy for backpackers to travel there but you could never have as crazy and unexpected situations as in China. But on the other hand Thailand has amazingly beautiful beaches and great opportunities for diving.

5) Les Deux Alpes, France – March 2013

Snowboarders and skiers paradise! Alpes are and will always be amazing. Mountains, lots of snow, after-ski bars, sunbathing while snowboarding and of course those incredible views!!!

6) Lisbon, Portugal – January 2013

Lisbon is definitely one of my favorite cities in Europe. The city is built next to the coastline, streets are cute and narrow, most of the buildings are built on the hillsides where’s really a great views to the city. All in all Architecture, History, Street art, Food, Cheese, Wine and Atmosphere are the main keywords of Lisbon!

7) Singapore – October 2013

I spent only 19hours in Singapore but from what I saw I could say that Marina Bay is really worth seeing, Little India is a perfect place for shopping and eating and Singapore is really alive at nights.

It’s most probably my last post this year… so have a great New Years Eve everybody and thanks for following me :))

Hong Kong Island, my first couch surfing experience and Beach party @ Shek O Beach


Long time no see! It’s time to continue writing about my adventures in Asia 🙂

After saying goodbye to Igotochina mates, and chilling in Guangzhou for few days with Lagle, I finally arrived to Hong Kong boarder by train. Met Tony there, crossed this little boarder without problems and took MTR to Kowloon and then taxi to Lise’s place next to the Happy Valley.

So there it was .. my very first couch-surfing experience! Lise was waiting for me with homemade pies and as soon as I arrived we started tripping to Shek O Beach for a beach bbq party. I was so shocked at this moment.. first we took a double- decked tram then MTR(metro) and in the end double-decked bus. We sat up in the front and oh my… I felt like in Harry Potter movie or something, bus drove super fast between the mountains on very twisty roads. It felt so unrealistic but finally after 2hours tripping we arrived to Shek O Beach.

Photo 05-10-13 15.02.39

I was totally blown away by this magical place! It was the first time I saw sea after 3months in China.. it felt incredible! Warm air, soft sand, sea, mountains around and people grilling and chilling everywhere with good music 🙂 oh damn, such a paradise!

Photo 05-10-13 15.07.50 (1)

The bbq party we went to was actually a birthday party and it rocked! It was really multicultural, I met with so many cool people who told me a lot about Hong Kong, their cultures etc. After a while Tony also joined us and we enjoyed good food, music, atmosphere and awesome ppl.

After the midnight we went to the centre and wow that’s a real party paradise. We just chilled there and enjoyed this cool night. Seriously the first night in Hong Kong couldn’t have been more amazing! And everything thanks to my super cool host Lise 🙂


English teaching, volunteering and cultural programs in China. It’s survey time! :) Please help and fill it in!

Hey lovely readers! I’m currently doing my BA thesis and therefore I need your help to spend a minute or two and fill in my survey about some interesting programs in China 🙂 Thanks a lot! The link is HERE!

That's exactly how happy I gonna be after you've helped me :))))
That’s exactly how happy I gonna be after you’ve helped me :))))

Job/Internship/Field Study opportunity in China

Hey friends.. if somebody is interested in going to China then here’s your opportunity 🙂

Job/Internship/Field Study opportunity in China:
Job location: Tianmen, China
Duration: 3 months or 6 months or 1 year
Job title: English Teacher, you don’t need to be a native speaker nor a university graduate, no nationality requirement nor age limit, Chinese language knowledge is not a requirement.
Starting date: AS SOON AS POSSIBLE
Benefits: Paid returned trip from EU or your home country to China, paid accommodation in China, paid visa application fees plus monthly allowance (2000DKK to 4000 DKK)in China.
Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/igotochina
webpage: http://www.igotochina.org
Application deadline: TODAY, Saturday, 30 Nov 2013 (I’m sure you can still apply a bit later as well but as soon as possible 😉

PM Jacques Leonardo Yin or write an email to info@igotochina.org 🙂

World’s tallest TV tower – Canton tower in Guangzhou


Hey hey! I haven’t been writing for a while because traveling got suddenly super busy. Last week has been a lot of fun! I visited Guangzhou as my last destination in China, then went to Hong Kong for few days where I couch surfed first time in my life.. but I’ll write a bit more about in the next post, from Hong Kong I flew to Singapore for 19h what was one hell of a good decision and today I arrived Hanoi 🙂

So I’ve visited 4countries with one week.. I guess it’s my personal record. Anyways I’ll post some beautiful pictures of Canton Tower (600m)! It shines in the middle of Guangzhou and the view from up there is just incredible! Ticket price is totally worth going up there when it’s a clear weather!

I’ll also write about HK and Singapore soon but meanwhile check out my instagram 🙂

Tianmen 天门 TOP 5 and a bit more!


I already told you about this cute little city Xiantao here and now it’s time to talk about another cool city in Hubei Province – Tianmen 天门. It is on the west of Wuhan and east of Jingzhou. Wikipedia says that the name Tianmen comes from the Tianmen mountains which lie northwest of the city. To be honest Tianmen mountain is pretty far from Tianmen city but I guess that’s Chinese logic and I shouldn’t even try to understand that. Let it just stay a mystery. But the truth is that this city is beautiful, calm and you can see blue sky much more often than in Wuhan! Check out this video of Tianmen:

So what do I like about this city? I love the peaceful atmosphere, kind people, beautiful lakes and oh you should really see this city at nights! It’s magical!



1) West Lake 

It’s a perfect place for a walk. Some people are fishing there, the others are singing or playing musical instruments and some are just walking and enjoying this place. There are really beautiful buildings all around West Lake and it’s worth going there at nights to see the lights on the houses!


2) East Lake

It’s not as calm as West Lake but still a great place for relaxing or why not jogging around the lake. Besides that there’s also an amusement park next to the East Lake!


3) Hong Kong restaurant

If you love food than that’s the best place where to treat yourself! This little Hong Kong restaurant near Walmart is just piece of paradise. Food is delicious and the waitresses are super friendly.

:))) Love this food!
:))) Love this food!

4) Barbecue street

Barbecue place is between Walmart and the river. It’s a great place to get some cheap delicious food.. they offer all kinds of grilled meat, veggies, tofu, fried rice, different noodles, dumplings and a lot more. In the autumn you might also find some chestnut vendors there.


5) Amusement park

This amusement park is not a big one but it suits perfectly to Tianmen. It’s situated right next to the East Lake and you can see some wonderful views from there!


Besides those 5 places there are also some other wonderful places to visit and things to do like:

  • KTV
  • Breakfast restaurant – some of us may say that it’s the best breakfast place they’ve ever been
  • Coffee places with free wifi – those coffee places are extra cozy on cold autumn nights
  • Walmart – you can get everything from there!
  • Dance with the locals – yes, it’s a must! They dance in the mornings and evenings in many places around the city! Explore the local culture through joining one of the dance groups or taichi
  • Shopping malls – well, we all need to go shopping once in a while, right?!
  • Markets and food streets in the centre – it’s a must! Explore the local food!

That’s all for now… but if you have any questions or you would like to follow me then check out LiinaTravels Facebook page and also Instagram.

And if you would like to teach English in China then you should probably check outIgotochina Facebook page and Igotochina homepage to find some more information from there!

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